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What's Hot and What's Not for 2010

If you are a true fashionista, you probably like to know what is hot and what is not for 2010. Fashion is constantly changing and women want to keep up with the latest fashion trends in order to look amazing on every occasion. Find out which are those items that are highly in vogue this year and which are those pieces that you better put aside for a little time. Read on and learn how to look trendy and chic in 2010.

Fashion is always changing. What is in for this season will be out for the next season. If you want to look fabulous this year, you have to know what is ht and what is not. If you wonder what are those items that still continue to be all at rage in 2010, you are on the right place. Follow the newest trends and learn how to mix and match in order to create some chic and trendy outfits that will definitely make a statement wherever you would go. Read our tips below and find out which are the latest must have clothing items and get ready to turn some heads.

  • Boudoir style clothes are very much in vogue this summer. Underwear as outerwear style is one of the hottest fashion trends now. Trendsetters have come up with a provocative new trend and sexy, lingerie-inspired outfits can be spotted all over the runways. These daring but highly creative and sophisticated clothing items give you a chic, unique look and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. If you want to stay more on the moderate side by showing less skin, layer them with trendy cardigans and jackets to create a classy, original outfit. Wear them with confidence and style and show off your feminine beauty.

  • Neon colors have made a huge comeback to latest fashion trends. Inspired by the retro glam of the ‘80s, neon clothes and accessories are extremely chic all over this summer. Small details, fun embellishments create a wonderful combination with soft neutrals. Fashion designers suggest wearing a trendy neon belt with a monochromatic outfit in order to create an urban-chic look and add some pizzazz to a plain outfit.

  • Womanly shapes are back in trend again. Long gone the era of skinny models and women with feminine shapes can finally enjoy wear their curves with confidence and pride. Full-figured women have countless possibilities to choose from, when it comes to fashion: the secret is to find those pieces that are really flattering for your body type and characteristics. And fashion is on you side, as tunics and longer tees are hottest than ever. Opt for these wonderful items to create trendy outfits and to visually highlight your greatest assets.

  • Backpacks are one of the most fashionable accessories this summer. As you have probably noticed, chic backpacks made a huge comeback on the runways as well. Check out Louis Vuitton’s spring collection and get inspired to accessorize your casual outfit with a funky, colorful acquisition. Besides the fact that they are extremely comfy items, stylish backpacks with chic embellishments can definitely spice up any regular outfit.

  • Try to avoid buying shoes and clothing items with oversized logos on them. When you are thinking for long-term, you better opt for chic colors, funky embellishments and original designs and you can freely play out your creativity.

  • Geometric shapes, printed fabrics can be found all over the runways and street wear this season. Go for really feminine floral printed dresses, exotic animal prints and retro-inspired polka dots. Choose from thousands of different styles, fabrics and complete a neutral outfit with a trendy, sexy printed piece.

  • Natural fabrics like cotton replace artificial materials and wool-knit scarves as well. Scarves are one of the hottest items you can choose in order to bring some excitement and extra originality into your outfits. Colorful, printed scarves, long, cotton tees and cotton cardigans are comfortable and chic pieces that will make a statement this season. Match a chic long cotton tunic with an extremely trendy pair of leggings and create a gorgeous casual urban look.

  • In order to feel chic and comfortable go for outfits in colors, styles and textures, which highlight your wonderful features and transform you into a trendy diva. Don’t be afraid to shop for funky accessories and clothes in brighter colors as they can add an extra glam to your style. Use your imagination and create trendy outfits in order to look fabulous with every occasion.

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