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Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Must Haves

The new season has brought some incredible styles to the podiums so if you want to spice-up your look, check out the latest SS 2011 must have fashion trends as they will definitely make you look hot!

The new season has featured some incredible fashion styles which allow you to upgrade your look and maintain that individuality that makes you stand out. The spring/summer 2011 season has brought a variety of styles to the podium, so say goodbye to your old wardrobe and renew it by turning towards the spring/summer 2011 fashion must haves. These are the styles that have stood out and that can definitely impact your look, so check out the new fashion trend must haves and select the ones that you feel shouldn't miss from your closet.

Adapting your style to the new trends can only bring you benefits as fashion trends change from season to season, and some outfits can make you look outdated. The constant transformations which occur in fashion are a positive thing as this way one can avoid adopting a boring style. Constantly wearing the same style outfits without switching them up once in a while can cause you to lose that “spark” that attracts attention so don't lose your individuality but keep up with what's in and what's out.

Jeremy Laing

Michael Kors

Midi is definitely one of the hottest comebacks for this spring/summer, as midi outfits represent the perfect balance between modernism and classicism. This length flatters most body types but if you're petite you should definitely stay away from the midi. Midi dresses as well as midi skirts can be beautifully combined to enhance your feminine body without making you look too extravagant. A pair of high heels or platform shoes will complete the stylish appearance of any midi style outfit so select the dress or skirt style that suits your personality best.



Floral print outfits are a definite must-have this spring-summer season regardless if it's a skirt, a maxi dress, a shirt or a jumpsuit. Floral prints bring a certain joy and brighten-up your look instantly whether they are tiny or oversized prints. Go bold by wearing an all floral print outfit or subtle by adapting a floral fashionable item to the rest of your wardrobe.

Jill Sanders


The maxi dress or skirt is another fashionable must-have fashion item that shouldn't miss from your wardrobe and since there are a variety of styles, experiment until you find the perfect match for you. These dresses/skirts can be worn casually or formally depending on occasion as they suit all occasions, the fabric and the print are the details that make the differentiation. Go for a fab slit maxi dress for formal occasions and a cool and comfy maxi skirt paired with a stylish top for casual wear, either way you'll look fabulous.


Prabal Gurung

Color block is the buzz word this spring/summer season so if you want to stand out you definitely have to be versatile and ditch the boring colored outfits out from your wardrobe. You can combine various hues which compliment each-other or you can go for the easy way and select outfits that are printed in fab colorful prints. Go bold and say goodbye to boring colored outfits as this season hot, bold colored outfits and in!

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana

Simplicity is another popular concept this spring/summer 2011 season so if you want to look absolutely mesmerizing you have to own an all white outfit, whether it's a stylish dress or a deux- piece. White is a color which states purity, peace and calmness but it is also a highly seductive hue which will definitely compliment a tanned skin tone. Go all white and you'll look like a divine goddess that oozes style!

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