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Spring/Summer 2010 Dresses Trends

Nothing can emphasize femininity better than a perfectly chosen dress. Elegance, refinement, mystery, sexiness and grace are all attributes that designers everywhere have managed to recreate for this season's trendiest dresses. This season offers unlimited possibilities whether you want to create a playful, romantic are daring look or you prefer a flattering, flirty or classic dresses.

The revival of nature has definitely served as a good source of inspiration for famous designers. The runaways were filled with interesting creations that mesmerized the audience and left fashion critics speechless. Revolutionary patterns, extravagant cuts and daring style fusions don't even come close when trying to describe the abundance of elements that changed everyone's perception of what the defining characteristics of a dress should be.

  • Maxi dresses: Long split dresses that take sex appeal to a whole new level are now more fashionable then ever. The light, flowing fabrics create a feminine look while the bold cuts are an authentic test of courage and confidence. High split dresses elongate the body complimenting a slightly tanned skin while high heels are the perfect finish for a breath-taking seductive look.

  • Layered dresses: An interesting option that many designers have chosen to embraced is the layered dress. Layered dresses are anything but ordinary and therefore represent the perfect choice for women who are not afraid to stand out and who with their strong influence and creative visions become the style icons that everyone looks up to.
  • Printed dresses: Prints remain among the hottest trends for dresses this year. The romantic look remains well represented with floral printed dresses that emphasize femininity and innocence like nothing else can. Multicolored tribal prints inspired by the African continent are making a surprising comeback as well proving a refreshing,unique and daring look.

  • Dresses with minimalistic designs: Simple, lightly colored dresses have become a leading trend for the warm seasons of this year. Earthy tones, neutral colors, nude ice cream colors, peach tones, delicate shades of beige or golden tones add a wonderful touch of refinement to making these dresses suitable for formal occasions.

  • Asymmetric dresses: Graphic irregular cuts are still very popular this season. This trend is best represented by the one shoulder dress which can be adapted for any occasion. A more interesting and intriguing option however, is the sheer dress which is definitely not for the faint hearted. Sheer dresses can be very flattering if worn properly or they can be a disaster transforming you in a fashion victim to say the least. Try using a nude body shaper beneath the dress or create a vintage romantic look by wearing more sheers layers from the same color family.

  • Among the trends that remain hot it's worth remembering the leather dress, the little white dress, strapless dresses, dresses with belts, frilled dresses and of course the classical and unforgettable LBD.

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