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Lingerie As Outwear Fashion Trend

One of the most interesting and bold trends of this summer is without a doubt the outwear lingerie fashion trend. Being a rather unconventional fashion trend, this trend can raise a lot of controversy especially if it's not worn right. Discover how you can incorporate this trend into stylish outfits that will highlight your femininity and that will leave everyone dazzled.

Femininity, seductiveness and sexiness seem to be the leading words that described the trends for the summer season of 2010. However, with lingerie as outwear designers have pushed the limits when it comes what is considered acceptable when it comes to embracing femininity with a series of bold reminisces from 80s when this trend was first introduced.

This style option is certainly not for the faint-hearted as choosing an outfit that revolves around lingerie worn on the outside requires a lot of courage and lack of self limitation to pull off. Even so, courage and confidence are not enough to ensure that you will look your best with this trend. To be able to look your best you must learn how to adequately combine the pieces to leave the impression of style and elegance.

When worn properly, lingerie inspired pieces can add an extra touch of femininity and elegance to any outfit. However, a single mistake when wearing this trend can give the impression of tackiness and complete lack of fashion sense. A good thing to keep in mind is that, like many other things when it comes to fashion, less is truly more.

Giving subtle hints of femininity should be your main goal and choosing pieces that match your body type is one of the main things you should do to ensure that your attempts will be a resounding success.
You can opt for silk camisoles,lace corsets or colorful bras made from a series of natural, body hugging fabrics or brazen outfits in nude tones depending on your body proportions and your own sense of adventure when it comes to fashion.

One of the best ways to enjoy this fashion trend while keeping a low profile is to use the layering technique to create a complex and elaborate look that give you just the confidence you need without making you stand out in a negative way.
A blazer worn wit a silk camisole can instantly add a touch of refinement and elegance reveling a just enough not to cross the border and become tacky or overly sexual.

Although the association of bra and blazer is still very common, this trend seems to be slowly fading away gaining less and less admirers. Another uninspired idea would be to choose stockings as outwear as this is one of the surest ways to look dated.

Combining a silk camisole or a lace corset with a pencil skirt or cute sorts is another winning combination that can be used as a stylish alternative with a twist for a formal occasion. Accessorized properly, this combination can instantly put you on the spotlight, highlighting your best physical assets without the slightest sign of vulgarity. Delicate accessories would be the best alternative in this case as you will not want to compete with your outfit and go overboard.

To avoid feeling overexposed when choosing lingerie inspired jumpsuits or a flirty tops you might want to consider wearing a sheer blouse over it for extra coverage that will not diminish the elegance and unusual aspect of the outfit but that will give a more seductive touch.

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