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Harajuku Fashion Style

Harajuku conquered the world with its brave and cheeky attitude towards mainstream as well as alternative fashion ideals. Those who are keen to dive into the realm of Cosplay as well as colorful accessories and clothing pieces will have the chance to learn more about the Harajuku fashion style. Adopting a similar popular and at the same time controversial clothing trend requires creativity and courage. Choose the basic as well as additional elements of your outfit with great care and mastery. Consider a larger color and also print palette in order to flash your pro attitude towards the emerging fashion waves. Complete your look with the perfect makeup and hair style for the smashing effect.

Harajuku Style Tips

It's not a novelty that Japan is the country that gives birth to endless alternative styles. Due to the fusion of class and non-conformism brand new style waves pop up in the industry leaving room for personal interpretation of cartoon characters as well as classic costumes. Those who are eager to flash their eye-popping and unique fashion style will be thrilled to get a detailed insight into the Harajuku fashion trend. As the quintessential art of mixing patterns and various futuristic and out-of-this-world style tendencies, Harajuku leads the top of alternative trends that manage to conquer millions of fans all over the world. Celebrities as Gwen Stefani also claim their fondness for this trend and popularize it on their spectacular shows. The Harajuku station is the center of the teens who are keen to explore and at the same time expand the limits of public acceptance. Their look is often large-than-life and tends to turn to cartoons and fictional world rather then the golden rules of fashion. Therefore those who would like to adopt the Harajuku style should consider some of the basic clothing and accessorizing principles of this trend presented below


  • Regardless of the season as well as the various branches of the authentic Harajuku style, you'll be able to spot that layering plays a special role in clothing. This technique allows the brave style-conscious people the chance to wear a multitude of skirts, dresses as well as tops.

  • This ensemble will create the perfect and at the same time eye-popping effect. Encouraging the use of creativity and a larger scale of the color palette you'll find contrasting tones as well as the classic neutral shades as black and white.

  • One of the most important advice of professionals would be to raid our wardrobe for the best pieces and wear them all at once. Leggings and other stylish accessories can also complete your look. Feel free to experiment with various scarves and fantasy jewelry in order to radiate a unique aura with your outfit.

  • Mix Prints

  • The art of mixing prints indeed might require some refined skills. However in the case of Harajuku you can give free way to your imagination and sport the most contrastive and no-no pairing prints and patterns with great confidence. Moreover you can expand this principles to styles. Make sure you have something old and something new, for the desired effect. Emphasize your masculine or feminine features with the proper style items.

  • However the Harajuku banishes all barriers, be it of gender and fashion in general. Those who decide to sport the Lolita-style Harajuku fashion will be keen to sport childish and girly style pieces as ruffled tops and dresses. On the other hand those who would like to turn to the Gothic branch can stick to dark tones and explore their hidden dark side with their outfits.

  • Over-Accessorizing

  • In the majority of cases over-accessorizing would prove to be a real faux pas. However Harajuku makes an exception as the main principle of this style movement is to wear all that's flattering and eye-popping preferably all these at once. The repertoire of accessories be it hair or clothing as well as jewelry line up a multitude of fantasy designs. These are often inspired by cartoons and famous characters as well as the personal creativity of each Harajuku fan.

  • There are various methods to rule of the chance of looking spontaneously frumpish. Statement accessories as well as cameo and vintage jewelries are among the most popular details used to complement a look. However you can also choose from the endless hair accessories as bows, ribbons as well as headbands. Choose some vibrating colors as well as designs to have the desired and vision pleasing effect.

  • Creativity

  • It is also important to live out your creative fantasies when it comes of clothing items as well as accessories. Harajuku is a great fan of personalized clothes that can be best created with the help of scissors and some stitches. Make sure you add a special character and modern tint to your dresses, skirts and pants.

  • Both color, pattern and tailoring play a special role in your transformation. Become a real Harajuku by appealing to trademark accessories as ribbons, bows and also safety pins, according to the Harajuku style variation you are eager to adopt. Additionally you can also crown your appearance with the perfect make up and a fabulous hairdo.

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