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Emo Fashion Style

Emo has become a very popular way of life one could say, for millions of teenagers worldwide. The relatively new trend captures attention through typical fashion, hairstyles and music. Find out how you can adopt an Emo fashion style.

Emo fashion style is becoming more and more popular among teenagers as each individual has his own personality and style. Different styles means diversity and this allows people to differentiate themselves in a world where individuality and style are highly appreciated.

What does Emo stand for?

Emo has derived from a genre of music, hardcore music from the 1980's and in the 90's the music genre transformation lead to the development of emocore. The softer approach of the music lead to the development of the Emo genre. This type of emotional type of music with punk, rock influences caught rapidly the public's attention and expanded into a highly mediated style. The term Emo was quickly related to being emotional and hypersensitive, leading to speculations that Emo lovers are individuals who feel misunderstood and are highly depressive. The media helped spread this genre around the world and more and more people started to relate to Emo subculture.

The expansion of this genre aided the development of a new fashion and hairstyle trend, the Emo style. Being a style which revolved around punk and rock, Emo style began to contour a very distinct fashion.

Boys and girls all over the world started to copycat their favorite Emo celebrities which included band members of:

  • My Chemical Romance

  • Fall Out Boy

  • Dashboard Confessional

  • Rites of Spring

  • Death Cab For Cutie

  • The dark coloration of the outfits, the haircuts and hair styles and behavior made the Emo style an irresistible attraction.

    Emo fashion style

    Every music genre develops it's own fashion style and characteristics, just like punk, rap, goth and others. Emo fashion style is very easy to recognize as it has a little bit of both punk and rock fashion styles. The main characteristic of the Emo clothing is color. Dark colors match perfectly with this style, thus black, dark red, dark gray, dark green are the most popular colors when it comes to Emo fashion style. Unconventional is the way to go when it comes to creating an Emo look, so the outfits are meant to capture attention.
    Emo clothing is usually characterized by the following fashion items:

  • skinny jeans for boys and girls

  • tight dark colored T-shirts featuring different Emo prints

  • belts with oversized belt buckles

  • studded accessories

  • Chuck Taylor All Stars

  • skate shoes

  • hooded jackets

  • Obviously the Emo style would not be complete without an Emo haircut. Side swept bangs usually covering one eye, choppy layers, spiky hair for short hairstyles, flat ironed bangs and red, blue or blonde hair highlights are the most popular characteristics of the Emo hair styles.
    Emo fashion style will always be popular as it's popularity is still rising.

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