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Boyfriend Jeans Trend

Every woman loves jeans. They are comfortable and practical and we can accessorize them in so many ways because they vary in color, styles and textures. But one trend of jeans became the absolute must for all fashion addicts : the boyfriend jeans. Katie Holmes started this “boyfriend jeans” mania and since then many celebrities have been seen wearing them. As the name suggests these type of denim looks as if you have taken them from your boyfriend's wardrobe. Baggy and rugged, they quickly seduced all fashionable women. Everything stands in the courage to wear them on the street.

Depending on the thing you match them with, boyfriend jeans can be very versatile. With flats and a simple, white t-shirt they are casual and give you a relaxed look, while with a super feminine top and high heels, they are so glam.

How to choose your boyfriend jeans?

First of all, when buying a pair of boyfriend jeans look for a pair that fits at the waist. Because they are loose, they have the amazing gift to cover the small imperfections and to fit on both curvy and straight bodies.

How to match them?

You can match them with something simple, but extremely feminine, in order to balance the “masculinity” of the jeans. Try wearing a tight top or t-shirt or a button-up shirt. You can also choose cardigans or sweaters in order to have a casual and feminine look.

What shoes should I wear?

As boyfriends tend to give you a masculine touch, try choosing shoes that can keep your femininity. Surprising or not, you can wear your boyfriend jeans with high heels. In this case rolled them up above the ankle. If you choose to wear them to a pair of nice ballet flats then the cuff should be under the ankle. You can also put on sandals, gladiators or stilettos.


Try to avoid overloading the look with other accessories. Go for bracelets or necklaces, a pair of big sunglasses and large shoulder bags. This way you'll have a fresh, simple look.
You can wear it in Jessica Alba style: casual, with ballet flats, a scarf and as a final touch, an 'It' bag.

What to avoid?

When it comes to shoes you should avoid tennis shoes and ankles boots. Also avoid oversized tops, long overcoats or flower print blouses.

This spring boyfriends are still trendy. Inspired by the pioneers women of the prairies, workers and farmers, Ralph Lauren created a collection including boyfriend jeans, overalls and denim blazers.
So don't be afraid to play around with different combinations and with a little bit of imagination you can wear your boyfriends jeans and still look gorgeous.

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