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Belt Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2011

Accessories should not be underestimated when it comes to upgrading our look to the hottest style tendencies. The Belt Fashion Trend Spring/Summer 2011 will allow us to play with this wardrobe staple and juggle with our proportions. Use your creativity to embed the versatile belts into your blooming season outfits.

In need of style ideas to keep your look fresh and up-to-the-minute with the newest trends, it would be advisable to take a closer peek at this brief insight into one of the dominating accessory tendencies of the season. The belt fashion trend spring/summer 2011 offers all fashionistas the chance to revitalize their wardrobe and come up with unique apparel ideas. Kiss goodbye to monotony and start your makeover by purchasing a few wardrobe staples.

When it comes to accessories some might limit themselves to footwear and handbags. However with the evolution of fashion design, style gurus were also craving for additional style items that can easily boost the prominence of our attire. The various belts designs are here to give you an emergency solution to start the preparations for the warm weather outings. Turn your skinny or statement belts into glam details you can base your casual as well as formal outfits around.



Salvatore Ferragamo

Emporio Armani

  • Body-conscious outfits when crowned with the complementary belts models will strengthen your trailblazer reputation. Skinny belts are perfect to vamp up your look and radiate subtle elegance with your breezy chic or clubbing do. Embed these accessories into your outfits and play with your body measurements by opting for the most flattering belts. Statement designs on the other hand can attract immediate attention. Therefore use these wide belts to rock out a more catchy and glam look. Shift the attention to your best assets and use your style knowledge to raid the stores for the hottest belt designs. Let your favorite designers show you the versatility of this too-cool-to-miss fashion element.

  • Moschino

    Paul Smith

    Vivienne Westwood

    Tory Burch

  • A belt can serve as the best quick fix for your fashion dilemmas. Juggle with the basic proportions of your silhouette and make sure you know how to find your way through the multitude of belts designs. In order to switch things up a bit you can break with the traditional use of belts. Layering is one of the new season trends you can apply also to your accessories. Pile up the belts to rock out a more alternative and edgy apparel idea.

  • Belts in complementary shades with your outfit will preserve the neat line and sophisticated vibe of your apparel. However there's no need to synchronize these elements. You can break with the old time style rules and opt for radiant neon belts that will manage to enhance your appearance with an extra glam factor. Neon belts will catch the eye of all trendsetters and style critics. Create this contrastive effect if you're not afraid of turning your back to conventional outfit ideas.

  • Buberry Prorsum

    Ralph Lauren



    Image courtesy of Style.com

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