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80's Fashion Trend

The 80's are surrounded by a certain admiration and attraction due to the nonconformism and powerfully influential style that dominated the decade. Designers have managed yet again to find the 80's as a great source of inspiration for their incredible 2010 fashion designs.

The 80's fashion trend has made a huge comeback this year as everything that represented the 80's stated individuality, style and nonconformism. It is absolutely amazing to look back to the 80's and observe the transformation that took over the fashion world. Nowadays the '80 style and influences have left their print over fashion and the result is absolutely fabulous.

What made the '80's special?
The 80's were considered to be the decade of excess, a decade in which funky hairdos, vibrant make-up styles, flashy outfits and funky music dominated. People started to let their imagination run loose and the success of that decade is undoubtable. Celebrity fashion styles like Madonna's and Cindy Lauper's managed to influence teenagers all over the world. It seemed that the '80's were the years of liberation of conservativeness.

The 80's characteristics
Those who have managed to experience a bit of the 80's can remember all the great things which have made this period unforgettable.

  • Neon colors dominated the 80's and made them even greater. Color enchants the eyes and people were no longer afraid of powerful colors. No more simplicity and restrain from color seems to have been one of the 80's rules. Neon pink, green, blue and yellow were the most popular colors in the 80's and they looked fabulous.

  • Shoulder pads gave a certain interesting posture which attracted attention. As quirky as people thought they looked shoulder pads actually helped people have an elegant straight posture.

  • T-shirts were the all so popular item of the 80's as people started to observe their versatility. Short T-shirts, baggy, old looking T-shirts, tie dyed, off the shoulder T-shirts were adopted by girls and boys. This style looked absolutely fabulous as the chic casualness of the outfits created attracted attention.

  • Ruffles help bring a smile to everyone's faces as they look cute. Ruffled skirts and dresses looked fabulous and paired with a cute T-shirt made one of the coolest outfits of the 80's. Ruffles were indeed made to capture attention.

  • D&G Spring 2010Unique 2010

    The 80's influences in 2010 fashion
    Retro fashion has made a huge comeback and the influences cannot go by unnoticed as the outfits inspired from the 80's and created to suit the 2010 fashion trends look absolutely stunning. The latest fashion trends have featured some of the loveliest outfits on the runways of Paris, Milan and New York. Neon colors, pastels, shoulder pads, printed T-shirts and ruffles were present on the 2010 spring summer fashion presentations.

    It seems that designers have remembered the fabulous look of the 80's fashion and decided to give a little bit of a twist to the new fashion trends. Many celebrities have fallen for this retro fashion style as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and many others were seen rocking this fashion style.
    Balmain, Unique, Iceberg, D&G, Blumarine are only a few fashion houses who feature incredible looking designs inspired by the 80's.

    Inspire yourself from your favorite celebrity style or your favorite designer and you will be able to look fabulously stylish this year. Experiment with fashion as fashion can help you transform yourself into the fashion icon you deserve to be.
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