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2010 Summer White Fashion Trend

White is a timeless color in fashion and this year it should definitely be a color found in your wardrobe. Check out the new white fashion trends so you can decide which new fashion items you will add to your wardrobe!

The 2010 spring summer season has brought diversity to the runways and this means women can choose a variety of fashion styles and colors to define their individuality and style. Although color trends change every year one color seems to be timeless, and present on the runway fashion presentations every season, and this color is yes, white!

White is definitely hot due to the fact that its simplicity exudes an elegance which is difficult to top. Due to its neutral look, white can be worn for any occasion, by everyone and combined with a variety of other colors as white pretty much works with everything.

Can you choose white?

White is color that looks fabulous on all skin tones from fair to dark, this is one of the reasons why white is such a popular color in fashion. Due to it's look, white is usually considered a color of peace, purity and innocence, so this color really suits women who want to underline their femininity.

There are a variety of white shades to choose from such as cream white to diamond white, and they all look fabulous. You can find the right shade that suits your skin tone and put to value your fabulous skin.

So what are the must haves white fashion items this year?

Fashion trends change every year and so new designs and new color combinations are put together to ensure one can benefit from the so much needed fashion diversity. White is a timeless color which will never go out of style so make sure this summer you have at least one of the following white fashion items as they will contribute greatly to your style:

The little white dress
The little white dress didn't replace the LBD but it's certainly catching up with its popularity. This type of dresses will help underline femininity and create a very innocent yet attractive look which will definitely be appropriate for any event except funerals. There are a variety of little white dresses to choose from depending on personal preference, body type and occasion so make sure you choose the dress that makes you feel gorgeous and confident.

The white jumpsuit
Jumpsuits have made a huge comeback due to their stylish look and comfortable feel so if you feel they suit your personality don't hesitate to get one. There are a variety of styles to choose from so you can select the jumpsuit style that suits your body type best. Wear this cool looking fashion item with platform sandals so you can receive a more elegant posture.

Givenchy 2010Kenzo 2010

White pants and tops
Combining white pants with a fabulous white top and adding a few accessories to balance your look can make the world of a difference when it comes to a casual or office look. This type of outfit is easy to put together as you can choose from long pants to shorts and pair the with a variety of white tops. High heel shoes or platform sandals can complete your look and give your style a more feminine and attractive look.

The white leotard
If you are more into extravagant clothes, such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna and nowadays Miley Cyrus, go ahead and try the fabulous leotard suits that look great on women with a fabulously proportioned body. Enhance your sex appeal in the most non-vulgar manner and try to add some accessories to add a bit of sophistication to this simple outfit.

Gianfranco Ferre 2010Gucci 2010Fendi 2010

Try to inspire yourself from the fabulous designer collections presented this 2010 spring summer season in the fashion capitals of the world, such as Givenchy, Gianfranco Ferre, Kenzo, Bruno Pieters, Narciso Rodriguez, Yves Saint Laurent and many more others.
Photos via style.com

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